Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Persuasive Writing!

My Topic is about parents should be taking turns coming into the classroom to see what is Happening in class?

’’Why I chose this Topic its because Most of the time people in class never listen and do whatever on their netbooks and especially bad sites.

So if the teacher growels then off well they will not listen and probably will do it again so they need their parents to be in the classroom to monitor them and also it gives the teacher a rest and have a big break. Everybody is scared of their parent well i am so the teacher will do nothing and that student will still not listen many teachers had enough of repeating themselves.

‘’The parents should book in their times and dates and send it through emails or give it to their child to give it to the teachers. It makes it easier because they might have work. And so the parents can help the teacher with the class.

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