Friday, May 13, 2011

all about me

Hi my name is szaskia and I'm 9 years old and I do volleyball and my favourite thing to do is reading books and helping my little sister and my little brother and I watch to much TV and all the time I have to do my home work. I always clean my room and after that I play on my computer and sometimes I go on my computer when I'm bored. I always have to do clean my room and I go to Saint Pius and I have brown eyes. I'm turning 10 in February and I have two brothers and one sister and I like doing learning and playing baseball. I hope I start netball soon and I like eating Chinese food. My best best best part is doing netball and baseball at the same time and I always do those things at home and I some times go bed at 9o'clock . I like going to the movies with my cousins and my family. That's why my family likes about me.


  1. Well Szaskia I like really like your story all about you.

  2. thank-you lote i think i need to do another one because i have changed so that was a long way. but thanks lote.

  3. Hi Szaskia WOW I really your blog

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