Thursday, November 21, 2013

Night Mear!!!!!

On Halloween night after school I went with my friend to get a feed near the beach.But a skeleton shadow just stopped us from crossing the road.But instead my friend ran away i was left alone. he took me to a old garage near by.It was dark cold and smelly.It had webs with masouve ginormas spiders eating 100 green flys to eat.They looked me up in a old russty cage. They said the will steal halloween.

I heard and pretend to sleep.I found a voice talking to a shadow skeleton and i jumped on the chair but it was a pumpkin.I was like ewwww.I said let me out of here you are spoiling my halloween.Let me go i want to go and find my friend.The skeleton said’’no no i made her run all the way to makateu So She will never find you.



Today is a Thursday so it is sunny like A sizzling bbq.Man it feels like im gonna retire every job i do in a hot day.Today is not that windy it just giving some hot air that makes me put sunscreen on.And also flowers are moving like it is having a party in the garden with the grass.