Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Thank you for giving us your son. Thank you for forgiving our sins and for saving us.


Personal Prayer!
Please pray that you will watch over me, and make sure I will follow your path. Please help me along the way and through my long path to my next round.

School Prayer!
Please pray for the students at our school please guide us during school times.

New Zealand Prayer!
Please pray for new Zealand please make our land safe from any harm  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Mom

Do you have someone great in your family the one who always makes your dinner.. Ahaha oh well I have that one and only  person in my house. Ahaaha its my Mother let me share my story about her!.My mom's name is Donna she has got Brown hair,Dark Green eyes and a caring touch. My mom talks to me about many kinds of things. One of the things she talks to me about is something that will happen when I grow up like when im on my 20's. She tells me what shall I do If there's a case of an Emergency. One day I had something going wrong but my mom told me how to solve it. Me and my mom spend A LOT of time together we play games bake brownies, cakes. My mom takes me shopping she buys us Clothes and things for our room.When we ride the escalator, my mom pretends to fall back and says, “My shoes stuck!” I always think she's silly.My mom always laughs, and when she laughs she sounds like a Animal gone crazy! she doesn't laugh every day, but when she does, it’s Funny, and I have to laugh, too!.My mom is the greatest. I love how she jokes around My mom is more than a mom; she is like my best friend!

Persuasive Writing!

My Topic is about parents should be taking turns coming into the classroom to see what is Happening in class?

’’Why I chose this Topic its because Most of the time people in class never listen and do whatever on their netbooks and especially bad sites.

So if the teacher growels then off well they will not listen and probably will do it again so they need their parents to be in the classroom to monitor them and also it gives the teacher a rest and have a big break. Everybody is scared of their parent well i am so the teacher will do nothing and that student will still not listen many teachers had enough of repeating themselves.

‘’The parents should book in their times and dates and send it through emails or give it to their child to give it to the teachers. It makes it easier because they might have work. And so the parents can help the teacher with the class.


This is a story of me Scribbling the word Shhhh..
On a hot sunny afternoon jack and lucy went on a trip to the zoo. First they went on a bus in the morning at 8:00 jack was playing and getting excited at going to the zoo. Jack could not stop talking and laughing. All the kids and lucy and all the other kids in the bus said to jack shhh! jack and he will never stop.

Finally we got there he was still talking and he scared the animals away so fast that he talked so much. The Teacher told Jack that calm it down jack you are too noisy. Than two minutes later he is still talking about everything he sees lucy was not happy as well. The Teacher was not happy and also all the other kids.