Monday, July 4, 2011

Why blogging is good.

I like having a blog because lots of people can see my nice work. It can be put in the portfolio because we work so hard. Your parents can see you have been working so hard in school when they read your work.


  1. Hi Szaskia,
    I think you are 100% correct about everything!
    Hope I can see more good work keep it up!

  2. thank for commenting me thank alot.

  3. Hi Szaskia,
    You are 100% correct about commenting
    Hope you talk about more

  4. you were 200% corect on your writing i realy like it so murchyu have capital and full spots in the right olaces

  5. Hi Szaskia, I really like how you talked about blogging, because some how to other people, they think blogging is just a waste of time, and their is no learning that is happening. :)

    Hola ( Best Friend) :)