Friday, April 4, 2014

My Goal is....

My Goal For Monday is to achieve my learning in class. Next Week my Goal is going to be is achieving my writing to get better and better. My other goal is to find lots of information and learn alot.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maths-What have learnt Today

Today in Maths I have learnt how to work out our adding and subtraction. And on Teachers tool he told us what is a hidden number For Example here is 5 and what to equal 6 so the answer is 1 because 1 is hidden and  with 1 six equals 5.... so 1+5=6....I have learnt to add number into the other.

E.G  3+ 2 = _ You put one hand up and there are 2 finger and 3 finger there. So 2 +3= 5...And using takeaway to solve problem. But it the same number, before.And also 6-4=3 because you share 6 and take off 2,and another 2, Equal 3

My Special place!!!

My Special place!!!
My special place is the Beach. The Beach is really special to me. We can go for a Swim or play in the sand. Mostly I love playing in the water even though it’s Salty I still love it.  The beach is so lovely to go for a walk in the mornings  and have a picnic or take a pet. A beach is a quiet place. You are gonna know why I did not chose my house. Here is some facts why We have to clean,Boring stuff, And many more stuff. When I go to the beach I have a quick dip in the pool. It was cold and freezing like and ice block.

E-Asttle Writing

Szaskia-Asttle reading 28th February...
''Good Friends''explain........

''Good Friends''........
''Good friends'' are real friends that keep in touch every time. Good Friends tell the truth all the time. Our friends are one of  gods children. Friendships can happen everywhere like at home,park,shops everywhere. We become good friend by love and respecting each other.
Good friends are really special to you. Good friends to me is like sticking together and respecting each other. Being Friends are sharing ideas to each other.
And if you have a special friend you don't have to judge each other freinds are not supposed to be that way. Sharing lunch with each other. If i had a friend I will give it a special gift like a necklace saying bffs forever.

Friends are important because they say good Morning or hello. If there is a new person in school we have to show them around and ask to be friends.
if you see an old Lady you help her you don't just stare. You don't just respect the one you like respect others to. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you need help any could help they are kind and respecting you by saying are you alright do you want me to help you. A special friend is who look after you when you're hurt or just don't feel right. When you feel bad they will help you and if they are hurt you have to do the same.

The Blind Man.....

 As Jesus went along he saw a man blind from birth. Jesus got a pile of dirt and mixed it up with his Saliva   and smudged it between his fingers and placed it on his eyes. And Jesus told him to go and wash it of in the pool of Siloam'' so the man went to go and washed it out in the pool and went home seeing.