Thursday, May 12, 2011

On mothers day

On Sunday it was mother's day and my mum had to work so we picked mum up when she finished. After we picked up my mum we went to get a gift for her mum and my Nana. We went to visit and drop off Nana's gift.
We went to China town and looked around at some stores and we all made it to the food court. I asked papa can I please have a pork bun and he was thinking about it and he said "yes you can". I was so excited. We all ate our favorite foods like lots of sushi and spicy noodles. After dinner we had ice-cream and my flavour was toblerone, it was cold and I had a brain freeze but it........... tasted really yummy.


  1. Szaskia sounds like you have such great fun on Sunday!

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    1. Well done Szaskia that sound like you have such great fun on Sunday. I really like your writing to your mum and keep it up. Perhaps next time you could check your work before you purplish it.