Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Friend!

Szaskia Lopes :

Being a great friend

A good Friend is a friend who will always accept who you are no matter if your Indian , Tongan Samoan African  they will still accept who you are . They will always understand you even through hard times . They will follow the path of your trust  as you lead it. They will always take care of your friendship and so would you. You and your friend will feel comfortable and warm with each other. With you and your friend you have to always be honest with each other. Some friends may walk away and might think they don't feel like they are apart of you well there is always going to be a new friend everywhere you go and anywhere you go not just in school. Good friends are the ones that share lunch with you if you don't have lunch thats a great feeling .  If i'm angry they will come and comfort me. My friends are there to cheer me up. Every morning my friends will say good morning Isn't it great to have a friend beside you. Every friend is there for a reason it could be any reason.

Some friends just pretend to be your friend well people like that will probably they need help they just want friends.  

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