Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jonny Waltman

Jonny Waltman
Jonny wartman.
Today we have a visitor.His name is Jonny wartman.He is a Graffiti artist.He told us that we have to have promotion to spray on the wall.He had no sketch he just did it with free hand.I could not believe it was in 3D.It looked like a real island .He drawed a sun set.He drawed a beautiful flower.And also coconut trees.And also a surf boad stuck in the sand.He drawed a clouds.Wow it looked real i can not belive it.He told us in the start that we have to stand back because it is strong to smell it. Every time you have to wear a mask around your nose and you have to be always wearing old clothes because its not good to wear nice clothes like new ones.He knows lots and lots of skills of bombing names and patterns. He drawed beautiful bright sun that is rising through the island sea.He was really into graffiti.He drawed a island with a beautiful flower on the bottom.

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