Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mother Szaskia

My mother is the best you know why because i love her more than she loves me. My mum does 100% stuff for me. Every day my mum is always watching over me even if I am not there she is always ringing me to see if I am ok. My mums favourite food is vegetarian nachos and she sometimes make it for me. When i am sick she always do everything for me she always tries her best just for me. My mum is 37 years old. My mum has light brown hair And light brown eyes.  My mum likes to read. My mum loves lots of diffrent kinds of stuff.My mum is amazing even when stuff doesn’t go right. My mum shouts at me but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like me. My mum has a lovely smile every day when I come back from school my mum will always say ‘What have you done at school?’ I would always reply and say ‘oh mum it was alright’ but my mum will always say ‘Is that all? You had in a whole day to learn!’ My mum would always tells me to do the right thing. My mum takes us to my swimming classes every Monday and my dad is at work. We never see him, just the weekend. My mum would always have dinner ready for me after school but sometimes we have dinner late. My mum looks like the only special one in the family because she is the boss of me. My mum gets up early up in the morning and goes  to work and comes back in the morning to get us ready. My mum does all these  things for me. My mum loves to cook food. I love my mum she does a lot for me thats why I love her.

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