Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the Holidays-Szaskia

In the holidays  I went to Mangere to see my older brother Isaiah. . At my brothers we had a great time i played with my brothers girlfriends sisters. One is 7 and her name is Eden and the other one is 12 her name is Bonnie. My brother has a dog named Queen. We had a great time with her. That night my rennae had to go out to countdown with Bonnie and get some treats. Eden has two gold fish in her room. And she picked it up and dropped it on the ground. And my sister said aren't you going to pick it up. And she said nah i’ll just leave it there. My brother came through the front door and put the things on the table and walked into Edens room and walked on the fish. Me and my sister just laugh away.

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